Half Dome

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I started by myself at 5 o'clock in the morning. It was still dark outside but I wanted to be at the cables before the crowd. That way I could also avoid the big heat around noon on my way up. So I was almost alone in that spectacular scenery along Mist Trail, Vernal Falls, Nevada Falls and Little Yosemite Valley. A great atmosphere!
From the pictures I saw in advance, one could not see, how steep the cables are! You should be sure about what you are doing at this point! My full respect to everybody, who takes the responsibility and says "no!" before this last step to the top!
I decided to try it and after exhausting 15 minutes with an inclination of up to 80 % I was at the top of Half Dome! What a hike, what a view! Something to remember for your entire life!

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[ Data ]
Date 11.06.2007
Distance 25,9 km
Ascent 1640 hm
Inclination 13.7 %
Descent 1640 hm
Duration (incl. breaks) 8:21 Std.
Highest point 2683 m

[ Files ]
Google Earth Here you can download a *.kml file including the tracks (right click and 'save as...'), which you can open with Google Earth. In GE you can watch the tracks in 3D.

*.gpx Here you can download a *.gpx file of the tour (right click and 'save as...'). This file can be used with your GPS or with a lot of applications.

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