Grand Canyon

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We started at around 5:30 am at the South Kibab Trailhead and it took us 5:30 hours to Bright Angel CG near Phantom Ranch. So it was around 11:00 am when we arrived and the hour from 10:00 to 11:00 was hot. We really should have been started one hour earlier!

Bright Angel CG and Phantom Ranch were great! I was really surprised, how nice it was and how good the food was. We saw deers, humming birds and a fox. I'll come back to that place one day, I promise...

On the next day we had the late breakfast. 6:30 am this is. That was not too bad, because the Bright Angel trail to Indian Garden has much more shadow than the South Kibab Trail on the day before. Furthermore you go along the Colorado River and the Pipe Creek, which gives the trail a much better climate. We hiked 3:20 hours from 7:20 am to 10:40 am. By that time the temperature was 102 °F (38 °C) at Indian Garden. So we took a 6:00 hour break...

Around 3:40 pm we started the second half for this day. At our start the thermometer showed 120 °F (48°C), but we had to go on since it was still a long way to go. 30 Minutes later we arrived at the shadow and the temperature was going down... This last part took us another 4:45 hours and we arrived at 8:30 pm in the dark at the Bright Angel Trailhead (see picture at the top).

How exhausted we were and how lucky we felt about this adventure. I think, we will never forget these two days!

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[ Data ]
Date 29.05.2007 30.05.2007
Distance 11,6 km 16,0 km
Ascent 107 hm 1458 hm
Descent 1462 hm 150 hm
Duration (incl. breaks) 6:14 Std. 13:10 Std.
Highest point 2177 m 2085 m

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Google Earth Here you can download a *.kml file including the tracks (right click and 'save as...'), which you can open with Google Earth. In GE you can watch the tracks in 3D.

*.gpx Here you can download a *.gpx file of the tour (right click and 'save as...'). This file can be used with your GPS or with a lot of applications.

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